The deadline to purchase PRINTED PHOTOS (INDIVIDUAL / CLASS / GROUP) is MONDAY, 6 NOVEMBER 2023, whereafter the respective orders will be placed with the printing company, packaged and delivered directly to the school once completed
Please note that after this date only the DIGITAL OPTION will be available for purchase


Once payment has been made, the link for the digital image(s) will be sent IMMEDIATELY to your e-mail address for downloading (look out for the SM Schools Photography Order Confirmation e-mail — please remember to also check your Junk Mail/Spam)
Kindly note that there may be slight colour variations between devices/screens, depending on how they are colour calibrated
If you would like to have further prints made, we highly recommend a reputable printing company as their machines are properly calibrated, e.g. Studio 22 (Monte Vista), Orms (Cape Town/Bellville) or Cameraworld (Bellville)
Images on the website can be printed up to the following sizes:  For all individual images, up to A2 size and for all group images, up to A3 size.  Should you wish to print an image in a larger size, kindly contact us directly for assistance



INDIVIDUALS “GRADE R GRADUATION” (Click below on the relevant class)

CLASS PHOTOS (Click below)

INDIVIDUALS “LEMONADE THEME” (Click below on the relevant class)

Grp 4   I   Grp 5   I   Gr RE1   I   Gr RE2


CLASS / GROUP PHOTOS (Click below)

INDIVIDUALS (Click below on the relevant class)

Gr 8E1   I   Gr 8E2   I   Gr 8E3   I   Gr 8E4   I   Gr 9E1   I   Gr 9E2   I   Gr 9E3  I   Gr 10E1   I   Gr 10E2   I   Gr 10E3   I   Gr 10E4   I   Gr 11E1   I   Gr 11E2   I  Gr 11E3   I   Gr 12E1   I   Gr 12E2   I   Gr 12E3


CLASS PHOTOS (Click below)

INDIVIDUALS (Click below on the relevant class)

Gr 1E1   I   Gr 1E2   I   Gr 1E3   I   Gr 2E1   I   Gr 2E2   I   Gr 2E3   I   Gr 2E4   I   Gr 3E1   I   Gr 3E2   I   Gr 3E3   I   Gr 3E4   I   Gr 4E1   I   Gr 4E2   I   Gr 4E3   I   Gr 4E4   I   Gr 5E1   I   Gr 5E2   I   Gr 5E3   I   Gr 5E4   I   Gr 6E1   I   Gr 6E2   I   Gr 6E3   I   Gr 6E4   I   Gr 7E1   I   Gr 7E2   I   Gr 7E3   I   Gr 7E4


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